Adam Mickiewicz Junior Secondary School No 2 in Krakow – short history and information

The building of our school is one of the oldest and most beautiful ones in Krakow. The city school was created in 1892 and it has been called the Adam Mickiewicz one ever since. (Adam Mickiewicz was a prime representative of the Polish Romantic period, one of the Polish Three Bards and considered the greatest poet in all Polish literature). It used to be a Primary School No 13, in 1999 it was turned into a Group of Comprehensive Schools No 22, while in 2004 it became an independent Junior Secondary School No 2 (Gimnazjum nr 2).

The street name where the school is situated, primarily called Studencka, was also changed several times. Now it is called Studencka again and the building number has always been the lucky 13.

The neogothic shape of the school building resembles a fortress and is undoubtedly the most beautiful building of that kind in Krakow. The special brick facade of the building has been delighting the experts of 19th century applied architecture. Thanks to the National Monument Protection Fund and the Krakow Urban Borough the building has regained its splendour and has been displayed as an example at numerous specialist conferences.

Nowadays the school accommodates over 500 students, there are 18 classes, 6 ones in each year with about 30 students per class. There are around 50 fully qualified teachers, a pedagogue, administration staff, a librarian, a nurse and 2 cooks in the school canteen. Apart from classrooms there is a modern gymnasium, a computer lab and a library.

Particular classes specialize in Maths or Physics, Humanities and Nature. There is also a special Bridge class and a Spanish one.

All students learn English and they choose Spanish, German or French as an obligatory additional foreign language.

The school has an excellent reputation and prides in its students’ splendid final exam results and in record numbers of contest winners.

About my school

My school is Adam Mickiewicz's Gimnazjum number 2 in Cracow. I have been learning here for more than 2 years so I know my school a little bit.
The school is situated in a an old brick building in the city center. It has got three floors with at least 7 classrooms on each one.
School's life is very actively going on in the cellars. We have a snack bar underground, which is a meeting place for pupils and the locked cases for our private belongings. Sometimes there are also lessons. As you can imagine it is always a crowded place, especially during the school breaks.
Our library, a gym and teachers' room are on the ground floor and a lot of classrooms on this and two other floors.
I like the fact that breaks are signaled by two rings. With the first 5 minutes ring before the end of a lesson teachers know that it is time to tell us about homework. At least 30 pupils in each classroom are very happy that a lesson is coming to an end at this point. With such a number of students teachers have to work hard to make us quiet.
I like my school and its atmosphere. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to study in a friendly atmosphere.

Ola Konarska

About our school

Dear Alex,

As you know from my previous letter I live in Krakow and I study here.
I go to the third class of junior high school. My school is located at Studencka Street, in the centre of Krakow.

This school is one of the best junior high schools in Krakow. Our teachers precisely prepare pupils to many subject competitions.
Each year classes of variously profiles are created for teenagers who are especially interested in some school subjects.
We can show off laureates in contests in different branches of education.
The teachers also arrange trips and many outgoings to the cinema or theatre.
In our school we celebrate many national holidays. Pupils organise sports toutnaments and school shows.
Unfotunately, my school has one disadventage. There aren't enough classrooms so pupils start their lessons in the afternoon.
In spite of this drawback I don't want to change my school.

Could you describe your school and its good and bad sides in your next letter?

Best wishes,


About our school

Dear Tom,

My school is very cool! It's located on Studencka Street near Jagiellonian University almost in the centre of Krakow so sometimes we go to the restaurants for a dinner. At my school almost everyone has his own locker where he can keep a jacket and shoes. My school isn't big but we feel better in a small building. There's a small canteene, where you can buy dinner or just Cola. There's a queue all the time.
We have only one gym but in summer we go outside to Jordan's Park.

Our teachers are demanding but on the other hand they are patient and helpful. Some of them are really experienced and talented and teach us in an easy way. Unfortunately, they are often changed.

I think that everyone in my class is happy in this school. I can recommend it to all students.

Best wishes,

Peter ;)

About school

Dear Michael,

My name is Luke and I live in Cracow. I want to tell you something about my school called ‘Gimnazjum number 2' named after Adam Mickiewicz.

I should say that my school is super. I've got extra classmates and very good teachers but I can't do that.
Unfortunately, each school has some disavantages.
My school is placed in a hundred year old building. I think indoors of our school isn't very beautiful and representative. We've got seventeen classrooms, a small gym , poorly equiped computer room and buffet with some sweets, crisps and drinks.

I think our teachers are very good at teaching but some of them are too strict. Our principal Mrs Gabriela Olszowska has incredible respect from all pupils. Most of students in my school are calm but I think some of them are rather boring but at least we haven't got any problems with school crime.

I hope you will write to me soon,

your Lucas

Łukasz Zdebski

About school

Dear Karol,

How are you? Sorry I haven't written for so long, but I was very busy.
In your last letter you have described me your school so now I would like to present mine.
My secondary school is situated in the center of Cracow near the market square. It is an old building which has two floors, a backyard and a cellar in which there is the buffet called Joga.

My school has many advantages and disadvantages like:
  • it has a very high level of education,
  • teachers are demanding but they're trying to do their best,
  • the school and the gym are too small and corridors are narrow,
  • there are too many tests,
  • classrooms are rather small and not well equipped,
  • the schedule is badly constructed.
I have presented you some pros and cons of my school so now you can compare your school to mine.

Best wishes,


My school

Hi, I'm Paweł, currently in the third grade with extended English. I am a student at Gimnazjum 2, which is located in Krakow, in southern Poland, and called after one of three Polish national bards Adam Mickiewicz.

In every grade, there are six classes. The first three of them give students an extended program of studies in a particular subject for example Maths or Biology and the other ones provide more advanced language lessons like English, German or French.

In my school we don't have to wear any uniforms well at least the third grade students. A dress code is quite strict, no dyed hair, flashy colours or piercings. Only light make-up and some jewellery are allowed but using mobile phones and music players during the classes is completely forbidden.

The atmosphere at our school is very good thanks to our headmistress Mrs Gabriela Olszowska, whose actions combine kindness and severity. Thanks to her guidance and authority our school is a safe place which surely makes good conditions for learning.

Paweł Wal

About my school

My school is located in the centre of a beautiful city,Krakow in Studencka Street. It was found in 1999 year. Adam Mickiewicz has been the patron of this school since 2004.

The things which I like about my school:
  • The Teachers, not everyone of course. In general, they are expecting very much from us and we really have to study hard, not just do our homework. In my opinion, they can teach us well and in future we'll be thankful.
  • Location. Near to the market-square which is a place where all of us like going after classes.
    Things which I don't like:
  • Not many room in a school building. There are too litlle classrooms for all pupils.
  • A small gym. We can't play any team games because it's too small and isn't high enough.
There are many advantages and disadvantages in my school.
But generally, I really like my school and I'm glad that I'm there.